About Us

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Our Ambition

Is To Help End Racism Against All African Citizens And Keep Africa United.

Our Vision

To provide Care and Support to Vulnerable Africans around the world and provide ​Economic empowerment.

Our Mission

To serve as a world body for the prevention and protection against Africans abuse ​and neglect and for the promotion, defence, and advocacy of their rights.


Dr Martins Abhulimhen,
Moved by our vision, talking about a private and intimate subject, like helping others, is not easy.

Helping fellow human beings is a privilege that each one of us should use with discretion and modesty, according to his or her own possibilities.
This is what I did until now, realizing that my actions were a drop of water in the sea but with the certainty of having a moral duty to do all I could for the well-being of people less blessed than I.

Experience taught me that if we pass on generosity, if we share the happiness and the goodness that is in each one of us, we will get it all back, and multiplied.

“In the kingdom of love, there is no competition, no possessiveness, no control: the more love we give the more we receive.

Dr Martins Abhulimhen President/Founder.
Dr Martins Abhulimhen President/Founder.

 “When I was a boy I asked for help too, I knew the condition of being in need too, I looked for support, for assistance from my close friends and family. After that, I had the chance, or better the joy, to be able to give back: a growing desire to help, becoming a responsibility, a binding priority, and an ethical duty.”

The soul needs love as much as the body needs air. Love, as Dante teaches us, is the hidden rhythm of the universe (and “moves the sun and the other stars”): as soon as we see the sparkle of love, it is essential to offer its warmth, like a blessing, to those who are hungry, confined or in need, prisoners of hardship. Over the years, I tried to make myself useful in the best ways I could. But I had the feeling that it was not enough.

That’s why I decided to commit fully in this venture, giving up the privacy that charitable deeds usually demand.

That is why I created an organisation to put all our strengths together, to make sure that my actions are not “a drop in the sea” but unite with all other drops. I ask for a tangible support. I ask you to join me in the battle against racism in world.

At LoveAfricans Organisation UK, it is not a sign of vanity; it is a way to write in stone a commitment, and taking on a responsibility and I have to give back to others.

The challenge is not to invent a face or a sunset, but to find a way amongst hundreds of daily difficulties (that money and success don’t help diminish) with a strong will not to give in to compromise, not to lose coherence (and the serenity that goes with it), and not to lose myself.
I invite all my friends to give in to the temptation of love, contributing and supporting the Organisation.


Dr Martins Abhulimhen Born in Lagos on July 31, 1965, the graduate of Economics and Mathematics from the University of Benin, MBA Liverpool John Moore University, Msc Banking and Finance Liverpool John Moore University and PhD in view, is a 5th generation member of the Abhulimhen dynasty, which put him atop a major conglomerate and financial empire with interest in real estates and transportation, travels and tour, textiles and finance. Much of his inherited wealth has since more than quadrupled.

A shrewd businessman of international repute, Prince has over the past decade dedicated his life to philanthropy, reaching out to the impoverished peoples of Asia and the far East, where his vast family wealth came from. With the belief that more must be done in Africa.He is married with 4 Lovely daughters.

LoveAfricans Organization Team

Dr Jessica Abhulimhen, BSc Medical Genetics, MD, USA. 

Dr Jessica Abhulimhen

Vice President

Dr Jessica Abhulimhen, BSc Medical Genetics, MD, USA. Vice-President.

Prince Ojie Mark Ojie

Executive Director, Worldwide. Prince Ojie Mark Ojie is a geologist with 19 years working experience. He is a visionary and strategic leader who is an expert at continually refining and advancing an organisation. He holds a Masters degree in Public Administration.

Apostle Dr. Faith Ajayi

Head HR

Apostle Dr. Faith Ajayi. USA Head, Advocacy & Human Resources.

Stephanie Banke

Stephanie Banke. USA Head, Budget & Finance.